Who this course is for

  • Anyone who enjoys cooking and is curious about Persian flavours
  • People with Persian roots who are tired of spending money in restaurants and not getting an authentic Khoresh-e Karafs, that tastes like home.
  • Home cooks of all skill levels, who like to go in depth and master Khoresh-e Karafs - Persian lamb stew with celery and herbs
  • Home cooks who want to learn how to make fluffy, aromatic Persian saffron rice with crispy rice or bread tahdig

What you learn in this course

In this course we go in depth with one classic Persian dish: Khoresh-e KarafsYou learn how to master creating this flavourful Persian stew in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Khoresh-e Karafs is a hearty Persian lamb stew with celery and herbs, with a hint of sourness. If you love Ghormeh Sabzi, you'll likely love Khoresh-e Karafs as well.

You also learn how to prepare fluffy, aromatic Persian saffron rice and how to make two different versions of tahdig (the crispy bit from the bottom of the pot).

The course is broken down into small steps, that will help you not only how to master this tasty dish, but give you an idea of Persian cuisine in general. 

I explain not only what to do, but also why we do things, so that you understand Persian cuisine on a deeper level. 

Persian cuisine is full of flavour and well worth giving a go. Whether you already know this or are curious and want to try something new, this course is for you. It is created with all different cooking skill levels in mind. You don't need to be experienced in the kitchen to participate. I explain everything step-by-step and should you still have any questions, you can of course always reach out to me. I'm always happy to help.

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Khoresh-e Karafs

Khoresh-e Karafs is a hearty lamb and herb stew with celery. Fresh lemon juice adds a hint of sourness to the dish, that you can adjust to your liking.

The great thing about Khoresh-e Karafs is, that celery is available all year round. While rhubarb is in season, you might want to take advantage and prepare its sister dish Khoresh-e Rivas. I explain how to prepare both versions the authentic 'Maman way' in the course.

Khoresh Karafs Cooking Class

Hami Sharafi

Creator behind ‘I got it from my Maman’,
Recipe Developer, Culinary Instructor

Cooking has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. I spent my childhood in Iran watching my mum cook our family meals and I was in constant awe of how she could magically make them so tasty and palatable!

I have learned a great deal from my food blog “I got it from my Maman” about the significant role that food plays in our lives. Food is not only about nourishing our body, but to make us feel connected. Certain dishes and aromas evoke childhood memories, make us feel taken care of, like a warm hug, or make us excited about discovering what more is out there.

My mission is to help you create dishes, that give you those positive emotions and celebrate the awesomeness of Persian food!